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Executive Leadership and Business Development

Foster Executive Leadership and Business Development provides our clients with the means to further the growth of the business and their people.  We specialise in executive-level innovative workshops and training, using a mix of facilitation and experiential activities.

Our programmes and interventions vary from one-off bespoke workshops through to on-going professional development.  Our approach blends our unique mix of business and life experiences. We aim to help our clients to be the very best at what they do by offering discreet solutions that stand alongside their values and business principles.  Examples include:

  • From strategy to execution - making it happen (options include a tailored 3-day offsite - The Normandy Leadership Experience)
  • Executive leadership - leading execution 
  • Growing leadership - helping to grow the next level
  • Performance leadership - adopting a 'performance mindset' in managing people
  • Courageous leadership - building a 'leadership' brand to help drive the business forward
  • Self-leadership - building competencies for aspiring leaders
  • Self-management - building resilience

We also deliver professional skills programmes aimed at building competencies needed to win in business, such as negotiation, communications, delegation judgement and decision making.


Point of Contact: David Hopley

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